Our Ministry

It has always been and always will be, about sharing God's love.  We're passionate about responding to the Gospel; loving and serving where love and service is needed - right in our backyard.  We care deeply about the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbor; our work is never done.

Our Offering

We are fully engaged; we connect with, pray with, laugh with, cry with, and uplift the lives of our neighbor - even if just for a few moments.  Sure it starts with the promise of a lovingly prepared meal, but our work goes far beyond that.  It's really God's grace alive.  We offer:

  • Meals
  • Bible Studies
  • Worship
  • Emergency Food Supply
  • Children's Time

Our Neigborhood

Every Church is part of a community, and we take our responsibility to be good neighbors seriously.  We invite all to be part of our ministry.  Together we can be a force for advancing God's kingdom - bringing together our churches and communities to contribute to their mission everyday.

Our Members

We are members of the Urban; it's not just another volunteer opportunity or a hand-out, it's our faith in action.  Together we embrace diversity and cultivate our common sense of purpose in order to create a place where each of us can become the idividuals God intends for us to be.  We always treat each other with respect and dignity.

Our Meeting Place

We feel a sense of belonging and safety, our meeting place has become a haven, a break from the worries outside, a place where you can meet with friends.  It's about living beyond ourselves and our circumstance together - always full of humanity and open to God's transforming power.


We are often lost in momements at The Urban. Not lost as in losing our place, rather being so in the momement, without worry of the past or future, that we are demonstrably interested in what we do as the people we work with. This is true connection.