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2017 Winter Needs

Needs: blankets/sheets/pillows, sleeping bags for the homeless, regular socks (men's, women's, children's), underwear (men's, women's, children's), towels, facecloths, jackets/coats any size with all buttons and/or working zippers (particularly men's large or extra-large), slippers (handmade or otherwise), used backpacks (especially for adults - any condition as long as the zippers work) are always welcomed. 
Need for Emergency Food at the Urban:
 Pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, egg noodles, Side Kicks, rice); canned meat (salmon, tuna, ham, Klik or Spam, ravioli, zoodles); instant noodles (beef, chicken, mama noodles); cereal; soups (tomato, vegetable, chicken noodle, mushroom, Campbell's chunky soups); Kraft Dinner; peanut butter; jams; crackers; cookies; jarred baby food; baby formula; diapers (sizes 4 & 5); baby wipes; shampoos; socks (men's, women's & children's); toilet paper; sanitary pads/tampons, and tooth brushes. 
Also needed:
 empty margarine/yogurt containers; plastic grocery bags.  Coffee for the coffee urn and powdered creamer are always welcomed donations as the coffee is always on here for those who attend! 

Please contact  for drop off times.  Thanks so much.  



We ask that you also consider donating men's clothing to the John Howard Society, 583 Ellice Ave. Call 204-775-1514 for drop off times.

Donations are also received at the Siloam Mission, 300 Princess St.

*Please note that the West Central Woman's Resource Centre is no longer accepting clothing donations.  

New! Information for those who wish to donate to the Urban through the United Way Donor-Directed Giving Service

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